4 Motherfuckers; A Mindless Self Indulgence review 20.11.2013


A big white van drives away serenaded by last screams echoing in the night air. This is a perfect ending to a spectacular gig!

That was the second time that Mindless Self Indulgence had visited Russia and have once again been met by a most devoted fanbase. Last year Jimmy, Lindsey, Kitty and Steve left with the strong impression that they are very much loved and were wanted to return. They fulfilled their promise on Wednesday November 20.
Sadly The Red Paintings were unable to perform due to unknown reasons. Alas, the mood of the gig was not spoiled. The crowd was already getting aggressive even before the music had started. The minute MSI hit the stage, everything in the universe fell into place.


Opening with “Witness” from their newest album “How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence,”  the packed venue raised their hands, shrieked and sang along.
Many new songs from the new album were performed such as “Fuck Machine,” “Ala Mode,” “It Gets Worse,” and “You’re No Fun Anymore Mark Trezona.” The crowd went nuts to old favourites such as “Never Wanted to Dance,”Stupid MF,” “Bitches” and “Evening Wear.” I bounced gleefully to two personal favourites “Issues” and “Ass Backwards.” Jimmy played his usual games with the audience, though this time with much less borsh and more pretend telephone though no Cheburashkas were spared depravity. 😉

I managed to fall down twice, only to be swiftly picked up, as is the law of the moshpit. I hadn’t been to a gig so loud and vibrant in quite a while. I had felt all the metal in my head vibrating. Bruised, sweaty and sore, I stood for another hour afterward to score an autograph. While I was not able to reach Jimmy, Steve was lovely and generous enough to sign the CD I had purchased from the Kickstarter for the last album.

I watched Kitty, Jimmy, Lindsey and Steve leave the building only to be flocked by a crowd of diehard fans. Last photo-ops and hugs were shared. Watching them being driven away brought all us back to reality, that much like all of us, even rock stars need to rest.
If Mindless Self Indulgence needed reassurance about the love people have for them, they had certainly succeeded in coming to rock and bring the pain!



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