Goth’s not dead! Peter Murphy review. 03.12.2013

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen people moshing to a Marc Bolan song. Regardless of what Bolan might have thought of such behavior, Peter Murphy certainly did him proud.

Murphy’s first ever visit to Moscow was extraordinarily well received. In fact, all 3000 tickets had been purchased and the show was sold out! Several new songs from Peter Murphy’s new upcoming album “Lion” were played and opened the concert, and setting the atmosphere for the whole gig to follow.

I was quite surprised when google had reminded me that Peter Murphy was indeed 56 years old. The man has incredible energy and is in great shape! Many of his contemporaries and even younger musicians would not be able to do what Murphy continues to excel at and surpass many. His charisma and allure continue to work audiences into a frenzy.


Murphy performed many Bauhaus classics such as “Bella Lugosi is Dead,” “In a Flat Field”, and “Ziggy Stardust.” The crowd was enraptured and euphoric and screamed along to “She’s in Parties.” Murphy also played two Marc Bolan covers “Slider” and  Telegram Sam,” while the crowd continued in it’s rowdy drunk-on-rock-n’ roll-state. I was deliriously happy when Murphy had added “Adrenaline,” one of my favourite songs to the setlist.

Playing the melodica, the guitar, drums and working the microphone, the former Bauhaus frontman showed his many talents and versatility. His 3 costume changes certainly did not go unnoticed! Murphy’s showmanship included snuggling up to his bandmates closely lit by a small handlight. His high kicks, poses and intense magnetic stares animated the whole audience. Murphy also expressed his support of Pussy Riot, much to the delight of the fans.


The energy of the whole room was electrifying! While not everyone in that room may have known Murphy’s music that well, myself included as I have been a rather late bloomer to Bauhaus, I have no doubt that each and every one left feeling elated and invigorated. Peter Murphy came and rocked the house in old school fashion that serves music connoisseurs and devout goths everywhere. The sold-out show proved that goth in Moscow is certainly not dead!



One response to “Goth’s not dead! Peter Murphy review. 03.12.2013

  • Ivan Kroshilov

    I was there and even was among those who mashed to Telegram Sam) Thanks for the great review. I’ve never been a really great fan of Bauhaus myself but the show was magnificent. And almost all the goth girls at the show were hot) Wish there were not so much mashing up though. It’s more of an intovert kind of music for the most part.

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