Frankincense and Myr-der. A Night of Winter with Patrick Wolf. 8.12.2013

Last Night the wolf pack howled, cheered and threw tons of glitter. Patrick Wolf started his “A Night of Winter” tour in Moscow and was received by a most gracious and loving audience. Celebrating winter and the death it signifies, Patrick performed a selection of his songs throughout his discography.

The multi-instrumentalist utilized his talents and performed on the guitar, harp, violin, keyboard and the rather uncooperative theremin. While slightly grumpy at the malfunctioning technology, Patrick delivered the electric and vivacious performance he is well known for. Unlike his previous concert in Moscow which centered on his acoustic album “Sundark and Riverlight” where a more serious side of Patrick was seen, this performance at Club ‘Megapolis’ saw the playful and sensual side of Patrick.

Wolf performed crowd favourites such as “The Magic Position,” “Bermondsey Street,” and “Bloodbeat” as a duet with the audience. Patrick may have performed a rather short setlist but he did tell stories about the birth of most of the songs. “Pigeon Song” was in fact written was Patrick was 17 years old and still trying to find himself in the world.


Patrick flirted a lot with the audience and even came down from the stage and stood right up against the barrier, allowing people to touch their idol. He flipped hair and even flashed his unicorn tattoo from under his shirt. Patrick, well known for being an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ groups, voiced his concern and heartfelt connection with those who struggle against societal and government pressures in Russia. The crowd cheered and likewise shared this solidarity which was the very love that had filled the club.

Patrick recently released a video for the song “The Libertine” – showing his support for the Russian Wolfpack he included lyrics in their native tongue. He ended the night with this, to riotous applause and an audience begging for more. The fans eventually drifted out of the venue into the cold night, leaving a long trail of glitter behind them. As my friend Rosie put it, it was a night full of flowers, glitter, tears and love.

video for the “The Libertine”


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