ParkLive Day 3


On the last and final day of the annual ParkLive festival in Moscow the weather gods decided to be kind and grant the festival perfect summertime weather with a blue sky and non-stop sunshine. The drinks were flowing, the food was flying off the carts. One cart worth a particular mention was the Vegan FoodTruck which happen to be my first encounter with vegan food in Moscow and made my belly very happy!

After eating some vegan hotdogs and grabbing myself a drink, I made my way over to the indoor Chemical Stage to catch Lykke Li perform. Lykke Li’s songs are mostly characterized as electro-pop with soft vocals which makes for rather nice background relaxing music. Unfortunately, despite standing close to the stage, I was not awed by Lykke Li’s live performance. While the songs may not have been energetic and aggressive, Lykke Li seemed to lack any kind of hypnotic stage presence which sadly her made her quite boring to watch. I could have just as easily played her songs at home.

Making my way back to the main Cosmos stage, Mastodon were in full swing of their set. The crowd seemed to be having a good time, hardcore moshpit and general nodding audience pumping horned fists into the air. I stood back and enjoyed the great vibe, though Mastodon were not my cup of tea, mostly due to sounding like every other progressive metal band in the world.

In anticipation for Deftones, I made my way closer to the stage, though this time I decided not to battle for the front rows as I was still nursing bruises from the evening before. As Deftones came on stage, the whole VVC park roared with elation. The crowd had already had a warm-up during Mastodon and now were ready to keep rocking out until closing. Deftones began their set with “Diamond Eyes.” They played a good set mixing songs from older albums like “Adrenaline” and “White Pony” and also incorporating tracks from their newest album, “Koi No Yokan.” The energy from the group and particularly the lead singer Chino Moreno was infectious! Had I stood on the other side of the park, I would have still felt their extraordinary energy. Closer to the encore, Deftones played one of their most famous songs “Change.” At that moment I felt so completely immersed in the music that my surroundings and troubles floated away. I was surrounded by a warm cloud of powerful positive energy that can only be generated by truly great bands like Deftones. The combination of eloquent lyrics and perfect musicianship from each member of the band is what makes watching the Deftones live a truly unforgettable experience!

Thank you Deftones for closing the best summer festival in Moscow! ❤





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