New band: Beauty Queen Autopsy


Scrolling through my Tumblr dash as I do every day, I stumbled upon a post promoting a song cover of “Pure Morning.” Naturally I was interested as I been a fan of Placebo since my early teens. I pressed play and was struck by the familiar voice who I later identified as that of Erica Mulkey, aka Unwoman. I was surprised to hear her warm melodic voice singing such a dark, gritty song, making it somehow darker than the original. After some Googling and finding their Bandcamp, I was instantly enamoured with
Beauty Queen Autopsy. I downloaded their free “Roughest Cuts – the demos” album and played it on a loop for days. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait long as this week they released a new EP “Good, Giving, Game” . Just as I was searching for new music to tide me over between summer music festivals, Beauty Queen Autopsy came to my rescue!

Beauty Queen Autopsy is a collaboration between Unwoman and Matt Fanale of Caustic. The combination of Unwoman’s haunting voice and catchy dark noise pop melodies make for an intoxicating mix of sexy music. The songs “Good Giving Game” and “Submission” give the most blatant references to kinky sexuality. The “Good Giving Game EP” itself features 3 remixes of the “GGG,” a remix of “Lotharia,” and my beloved “Pure Morning” cover.

Beauty Queen Autopsy pays homage to many dark synth influences while keeping its beats fresh and modern. The collaboration of Unwoman’s steampunk and cabaret roots and Matt’s industrial and powernoise backgrounds may seem like an unlikely pair but make for an amazing group. I surely hope they continue to collaborate further and create more exquisitely interesting music. My goth alternative heart can’t wait to hear more of what this pair is capable of.

BQA Facebook

BQA Twitter

BQA Soundcloud


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