Eisbrecher in Moscow 05.04.2015


It was a cold and crisp evening with the weather on the cusp of spring. Despite the chill, a very long line of excited rock music lovers was forming outside of Volta Club. The excitement grew and within the hour the club doors finally opened and the crowd slowly streamed in. Fans stripped off their outerwear to reveal their best alternative dress, grabbed drinks, and filled the space in front of the stage. One Russian opening band were already playing. The merch table was surprisingly picked clean well before the main event and I later regretted not buying a T-shirt right away.

Honestly, I do not recall the name of the 2 Russian opening bands. I found both of them to be quite unimpressive and forgettable. Though some of their fans did scare me with their childish drunk antics, and I’ve seen some pretty rowdy mosh pits in my day. Their rather generic sounding metal music and image didn’t leave a lasting impression though I am sure their fans would disagree with me.

After some time standing and breaking in my new Demonias, the much awaited Eisbrecher appeared on stage. I have seen my fair share of excited fans, but this crowd of fans were truly impressive! Even Eisbrecher themselves who had performed in Russia on 3 other occasions were really astounded and humbled by the intense and passionate reception.

Opening loud and aggressively with “Volle Kraft Voraus” from their newest album Schock, Eisbrecher set the tone for the whole show. I have only been listening to Eisbrecher for about a year and had already remembered the lyrics to many songs, despite not knowing a single word in German. The energy and power of music supersedes any language barriers and can easily make anyone get up, headbang, and dance. Throughout the performance, Alex, the lead singer, expressed his love on the behalf of the group and strengthened the sacred bond of the band with its fans. The lead singer’s jokes also caused quite a nice ripple of laughter throughout the show. The group played a variety of songs from old favourites to new hits. The majority of songs came from their newest album Schock, such as the hit “1000 Narben,” as well as “Volle Kraft voraus,” “Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn,” and “So oder so.” Some of the fans had even organized a flash mob featuring flashing red plastic roses to the song “Rot wie die Liebe.” The crowd sang-screamed along to “This Is Deutsch” with great enthusiasm.



After a short break, Eisbrecher returned to the stage for an encore. It was then that they played two of my personal favourite songs, “Eiszeit” and “Verrückt.” The German flag was held up by the fans and a Russian flag was tossed over to the stage. Alex picked it up and proudly waved the Russian flag saying how much he loved Russian people. I have never heard such kind words expressed by a band towards their fans. It was clear that Eisbrecher truly loved touring and coming to play for Russian audiences. I bet the combined positive energy and intensity of the group and the crowd could have easily powered a small city. What an unforgettable night it was!

gLCLgN9TSbQ(photo credit: http://vk.com/photo-231702_361585473)

Volle Kraft Voraus
So oder so
Willkommen im Nichts
1000 Narben
Noch Zu Retten
Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn
Schwarze Witwe
Zwischen uns
Rot wie die Liebe
This Is Deutsch
Miststück (Megaherz cover)
Encore 2:


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