Combichrist. Moscow 13.07.2017


Perhaps, I’ve been more of a shut in recent months. Perhaps, my music taste is too narrow and I don’t enjoy most mainstream bands but, in my eyes, 2017 has seen a decline in foreign musicians performing in Russia. At least the ones *I* like. Despite this, new albums and singles have been pouring out all over web, and I’m having trouble keeping up. It’s so good to see many of my favourite musicians continue to create art regardless of political changes. In fact, I envy those who can pour their worst moods and emotions into a creative outlet as my own productivity has suffered the past 2 years, as can be seen by how little I post here.

But I digress.

The last time I saw Combichrist was sometime between 2014 and 2015. Many industrial, metal, and alternative bands were touring at the time, and Combichrist was drowned out by bands I enjoy more. Not to say that I don’t enjoy their music, but since they’ve shifted from EBM to industrial metal, they have become less my cup of tea. I have found their latest album, “This Is Where Death Begins” the least memorable as a whole, though there are some standout tracks.


Nevertheless, their plan to come Moscow was a much needed excuse for me leave the house. I had been worried about being late as I arrived past the official starting time, but like many bands, they started an hour late so I hadn’t missed anything as there weren’t any local opening bands anyway.

When the band finally took to the stage, the crowd erupted in relieved and eager applause and screams. Andy’s charisma and energy pulled the crowd together like a priest directing Sunday mass. People of all ages, all around me, bounced, screamed along and punched the air along to the beat. Despite the band being known for regularly changing band members, the chemistry between all the band members are undeniable. They had all come together to satisfy their fans and play their hearts out. Most of the songs came from the last 2 albums, but some old favourites like “Blut Royale,” “Shut Up and Swallow,” and “Get Your Body Beat” appealed to new and old fans alike. Andy also expressed how much he enjoys playing in Russia for the very warm welcome he always receives from fans. I would agree as Russians as notoriously passionate to the point of sometimes becoming crazy obsessive.


The whole concert lasted about an hour and a half and it flew by in a blink of an eye. Once Combichrist had played their last song, I was stunned that they had finished as I had felt that they had just started. In fact, I felt more energetic at the end than I had at the beginning and didn’t feel any fatigue despite having screamed my head off, jumped, danced and thrown my arms up for over an hour. And this, is what I believe to be a test of a truly good live band who are so dynamic that both the musicians and audience leave the gig full of positive electrifying energy that will carry them long into the night. Thank you Combichrist for returning to Russia and I hope you’ll keep coming back.


Set list:
what the fuck is wrong with you
blut royale
throat full of glass
no redemption
zombie fistfight
exit eternity
my life my rules
get your body beat
shut up and swallow
can’t control
maggots at the party

the evil in me
never surrender
sent to destroy + we were made to love you


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