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Best Albums of 2015

Hello everyone. My apologies for being quiet for so long. I haven’t been able to sit down and concentrate on a single piece of writing for quite some time. Anywho, this is my attempt to get out of my creative slump. Enjoy!

2015 has been a year of delving further into the nether regions of subcultures. I got more in touch with my goth clubbing roots with aggro tech and experimental industrial, as well as drag queen culture by listening to everything released by former Rupaul’s Drag Queens contestants. It’s been quite a learning curve.  So here’s my list, in no particular order of what stuck with me and what I hope to enjoy for years to come.

a1773505349_16One of the albums I fell in love with straight away was Beauty Queen Autopsy’s “Lotharia.” Erica Mulkey (of Unwoman) and Matt (of Caustic) make an extraordinary otherworldly combination of darkwave sound and macabre lyrics. This should be played in every goth club in the world!

Please go support them and buy the album here: Beauty Queen Autopsy

Metanoia (2)Among the alternative crowd, this album needs no introduction. Since the success of their previous crowdfunding, IAMX’s latest masterpiece was also crowdfunded with amazing results. After Chris Corner’s brief hospitalization, he returned full force to deliver another perfectly crafted dark electro masterpiece. Having just seen this album, it is gorgeous through and through.

Please go support them here: IAMX

HALSEY_BADLANDS-66t1k9lhizjmmbzjw7y0py8wt373yvcpl6ev5cv0un7_lmcrbgI tend to stay away from trendy pop music, even if everyone on Tumblr can’t shut up about it. Then a friend of mine sent me the song below. I was struck by how a simple and charming melody was accompanied by such deep lyrics. How Halsey opens up about her mental disorder is quite courageous. We need more pop music like this.

Go check her out

a1725536087_10Honestly, I’ve had Daniel’s albums sitting on my hard-drive for a while before I actually got around to listening to them. I think it was the dance pop sound in his work that mostly turned me off and I still prefer his first album to all the others. But, it bears mentioning that this last album sold out quickly and the single “Never Enough” has been his most successful single. Overall it’s a good album. Have listen to one of the mixes off the single. Oh and listen to acoustic album also released this year. I laughed until tea came out of my nose.

Go listen! and download HERE

a2721623981_16It’s such pleasure to watch a young artist flourish and grow with each new release. Mr. Kitty has delivered another ethereal album. The lyrics show his growth as a person and musician. Additionally his side project Echo Strobes has released another album which shows tremendous personal growth.  It’s truly amazing what one person can do with just some vocals and synthesizer.


Please support him!  Mr Kitty and Echo Strobes

anusI must say, the cover pretty much says it all. The runner up of the 5th season of Rupaul’s Drag Race has made the most addicting album of the year. Alaska’s charm is not taking herself seriously and being a hot mess of a queen, which is why we love her! I play this whenever I need to cheer myself up or getting ready to go out.

Go buy her stuff!

Cover-art-of-Conchita-Wursts-debut-album-ConchitaSpeaking of queens, how can one not mention the biggest Eurovision success since Abba! Even if you’re not a fan of pop like I am, she is hard not to like. Her voice has a lovely range and she believed wholeheartedly in everything she says and sings. She is truly a diamond in a generic industry.

Go give her some love!

Honorable mentions:garbage-2015-tour-20-Years-Queer-poster-600x600I’ve loved this band since I was 15. Seeing them live for the first time this year just reminded just why they are is awesome and why Shirley will always remain my idol. The 20 year anniversary release saw an addition of 9 B-sides which had been previously known only to the most hardcore fans. It’s rockin’!

Look it’s a link!

a1140978491_16I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone. Having a sick and twisted sense of humor is a requirement. Jimmy Urine decided to acquaint us with his old and previously unreleased back catalogue. This is it.

Should you decided to buy this monstrosity, it’s HERE

a0872251338_16Last but not least, I seriously lack drugged out nights at goth clubs in my life. This is the remedy. Quite frankly, all their albums sound more or less the same. If you want angry industrial electro, this is it. Good for workouts too.

I got lucky on Black Friday with a coupon from HERE